<strong>James Bennett</strong>
James BennettPhotographer

Hello and thank you for visiting my photography website!  My name is James and I am passionate about  photography and the creative arts!

I am located in the San Francisco East Bay area.  As you will see from my galleries, I mainly specialize in glamour, artistic & implied nude work.   All nudity is done in an artistic style and within the comfort level of the model(s).  Escorts are always welcome to my shoots as long as they are respectful and do not interfere with the photoshoot in any way.

I first became interested in photography many years ago as a Freshman in High School and through participation in Boy Scouts.  I have not only captured images using a 35mm analog Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera, I have also loaded my film canisters, developed and printed black and white and color film and images.  I actually got really good using those Film Changing Darkroom Bags.

As much as I loved the art of photography, music was my main passion and ambition in life and photography eventually fell to the wayside.  I have been performing since I was 6 years old starting in, you guessed it, church.  My principle instruments are Percussion and Voice and I play about 6 or 7 other instruments including Guitar & Piano.  I eventually attended a university to study Music and was on scholarships for both Percussion & Voice.

While living in Southern California, I renewed my interest and love of photography.  I eventually purchased a Digital SLR camera and starting shooting glamour style images mainly in the studio. I set out on my own to read as much as I could about photography and to practice what I had read in an effort to find my own voice & style in photography.

I relocated back to the San Francisco Bay Area 5 years ago.  While attending classes at Solano College, I took a few photography classes and met Ron Zak. Director of the Photography Department.  Zak, as everyone calls him, is one phenomenal photographer.  Zak taught me a lot in the classes I took with him. Not so much technically, but more aesthetically & helped me that voice & my style I had been searching for.

Lastly, I am not a “Professional” Photographer meaning that I do not make a living or any money from my photography.  I am primarily self-taught with a bit of instruction along the way. I am mainly involved in photography purely for the passion of the art form, the creative adventure and my outlet for the challenges, frustrations and stresses that creep into our daily lives.

Although I am Amateur / Hobbyist photographer, I take each and every shoot very seriously and strive to create and capture the most incredible images possible.